Aston Martin Door Seal

If you are searching for a replacement door seal for your classic Aston Martin, it can be challenging to find an exact match. COH Baines are the UK specialists in the manufacture and supply of rubber extrusions with more than eight decades of experience.

We not only supply large companies and businesses around the world but also provide bespoke services for individual buyers including classic car owners and restoration services.

We can provide made to order rubber extrusions for many vintage vehicles including Aston Martin door seals. If you are searching for a EPDM or neoprene door seal, we are able to offer these by the metre to suit your individual needs from our existing catalogue. We can also create bespoke seals and draught excluders according to your needs.

Finding an Aston Martin Door Seal

The Aston Martin is the archetypical classic car and one that is popular amongst enthusiasts. When you buy one, you’re actually getting a piece of British history. The company itself was founded in 1913 but it probably wasn’t until James Bond came along that it became a cultural icon.

There are plenty of classic Aston Martins for sale online nowadays as well as the newer, high-end models. Finding the right replacement parts if you are doing up a classic or simply maintaining it can often be problematic.

Buying a second hand Aston Martin door seal may mean you get a product that is substandard or which is not really the right fit for your car. Cheap online products may not be fully compatible with your car the way you would like them to be. It’s important to buy parts like these that are tailored for your car. They’ll look the part and last a lot longer.

The good news is that COH Baines have a track record of producing rubber extrusions and door seals for a variety of cars including the Aston Martin. Whether you are specialist classic car garage, committed classic car owner or simply have an Aston Martin and want to update the seals, we can supply:

  • Draught strips and excluders.
  • Glazing strips and double piping.
  • Square channels and hollow piping.
  • Door seals and channel bases.

We produce high-quality rubber extrusions which are available in rubber, EPDM, silicone, neoprene and nitrile and we can tailor quantities to your exact needs.

Why Choose COH Baines for Your Aston Martin Door Seal

We understand that classic and luxury car owners like to pay attention to detail and have quality products that are fit for purpose. COH Baines comes with 80 years’ experience and a large catalogue of ready-made designs for a variety of vehicles.

Our knowledgeable sales team will be able to work through what you need and make sure they deliver to your expectations. We can also produce dies that are unique to individual customers and have 5,000 in our database already, including those for the Aston Martin.

We supply prestigious car companies rubber extrusions for makes such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and, of course, the iconic Aston Martin.

If you are searching for an Aston Martin door seal, contact our expert team today to discuss your needs or order online today.