Caravan Rubber Seals for Doors and Windows

There’s nothing worse if you have defective caravan rubber seals on your doors and windows. Not only can it cause major inconvenience, left unrepaired it will almost certainly damage your infrastructure.

At COH Baines, we offer a large number of different seals for a range of models of caravan. We pride ourselves in our extensive catalogue and the flexible service we provide for our customers.

Whether you are a caravan owner or a caravan manufacturer or retailer, our caravan rubber seals for doors and windows can be produced on demand and delivered quickly to wherever you are in the UK.

Replacing Your Old or Damaged Caravan Rubber Seals

The first thing that owners tend to notice with a damaged seal is that it leaks when it rains. Ideally, you should check the seals around your caravan windows and other parts of the vehicle regularly. Look for areas where the rubber has hardened or become cracked and replace sooner rather than later if you want to avoid problems.

The good news is that changing the seal is a job that you can do if you have a little DIY know-how and there are plenty of videos explaining the process online. If you’re not sure, however, it pays to get a professional to do the job for you. The last thing you want is for the seal to be replaced and still leak.

Rubber seals for doors and windows come in different shapes and sizes depending on the make and model. The first issue is to find out which one your caravan has and find a supplier who can deliver. You should be able to do this by checking the manual or looking online for information.

We currently stock around 81 different caravan rubber seals for doors and windows at competitive prices. If you are not sure that you know what the right seal is, you can contact the team at COH Baines directly for advice and guidance. Our sales team will be more than happy to help.

Why Choose COH Baines?

We’re a rubber extrusion company based in the UK that has a large catalogue of products which can be made on-demand. We’re a business that is just at home dealing with private individuals and dealers with a fleet of caravans as we are with manufacturers that are looking for a large scale supplier.

Caravan rubber seals for doors and windows are specialist products and it’s important to use the services of a company that knows what they are doing. With more than 80 years in the business, we think we have the expertise, competitive cost and the high-quality production values that customers are searching for.

We stock some 1700 standard dies and have worked with major manufacturing companies such as Rolls Royce and Ferrari UK. We have a dedicated sales team in place who can help make sure you get the right product for your need. Our rubber seals are made from EPDM, neoprene and nitrile.

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