Caravan Window Seal

There are around a million caravans that are used for camping and leisure activities in the UK. A mobile home like this needs to be maintained well and appropriate replacement parts found if repairs are needed.

Finding the right caravan window seal for your model is important. But where is the best place to source them?

COH Baines is a UK based caravan window seal provider and we can deliver not only pre-existing rubber extrusions but tailormade ones for our customers as well. We can manufacture to demand and deal with any size order.

All you need to do is browse our current caravan window seal catalogue, choose the length and type of seal you need and order it online. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact our sales team to talk about finding a bespoke solution.

Caravan Window Seals From COH Baines

  • We have around 80 different caravan seals of various types in our current catalogue and can create the rubber extrusions you need, whether you are a caravan manufacturer looking for a regular supplier or an individual caravan owner who needs a replacement for their existing motorhome.
  • We are an independent company based in Tunbridge Wells and we have more than 80 years experience of delivering high-quality rubber extrusions not just across the UK but around the globe.
  • Some of the companies that we provide services for include Rolls Royce, Bristol Cars and Ferrari. Over the last 8 decades, we’ve built up a substantial catalogue of window seals which means we can provide replacements for older models of caravan.

Why Choose COH Baines?

All window seals are likely to deteriorate over time and when one finally goes it can cause all sorts of problems. For driver cabins, it can make rolling up the window more difficult and even cause structural problems over time. For the windows in the main part of our caravan, damaged seals lead to leaks and that can also damage the infrastructure.

Fortunately, replacing a caravan window seal is relatively easy. At COH Baines, we produce rubber extrusions in a variety of materials, on-site at our Tunbridge Wells manufacturing plant.

These include rubbers, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene and Silicon. We produce rubber extrusions for a wide range of industries, everything from marine and aviation, to cars and caravans as well as for the research and development sector.

We’ve got around 1,700 standard dies in our catalogue and some 5,000 that are specific to individual customers who have contacted our sales team in the past.

Each time we create a new rubber extrusion or something like a caravan seal, the specs for it go into our catalogue. That means you can probably browse our selection and find exactly the fit that you are looking for. If not, you can always contact our sales team directly to discuss your needs.

Contact COH Baines

If you are currently searching for a caravan window seal and want quick delivery and a high-quality product, browse our extensive catalogue today and order online.