Door Seal Supplier

The great news about the digital world we live in is that we can access great products from around the world, often made to order, at any time.

At COH Baines, we are one of the leading door seal suppliers in the UK, whether you need a standardized seal or a bespoke solution.

What are Door Seals and How Important Are They?

Door seals are all around us. We most notably see them in our cars and other vehicles where they ensure that when we close that door and we’re completely protected from the outside elements. You also find seals on your front and back door, improving soundproofing and reducing heat loss.

As with any component of a door, seals can begin to degrade over time. If you have a door seal that has hardened or cracked in your car, for example, it may mean that the infrastructure will soon be damaged when it rains or during the cold weather.

Replacing door seals that have become old and less effective is important for overall maintenance and its essential to check them ever so often to make sure they remain intact. If you are a business creating a new product, access to a strong door seal supplier is essential.

How Do I Find a Door Seal Supplier?

You can find a wide range of door seal suppliers online but it's important to choose the one that is right for your business. Cheap seals or ill-fitting ones can be a waste of money. Our advice is to look for a door seal supplier and manufacturer that has a track record of delivery and a solid reputation.

Why Choose COH Baines as Your Door Seal Supplier

COH Baines is one of the UK's leading door seal and rubber extrusion suppliers and manufacturers. There’s probably not much that we don’t know about seals, edge trim, extrusions and the like.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, we’re a family-owned firm with an 80-year track record of delivery for both private individuals and large businesses. We have thousands of standard dies in rubber, EPDM, nitrile and neoprene as well as even more tailored designs that have been created over the years and added to our catalogue for specific customers.

You can quickly browse our catalogue online and find the rubber seal that fits your car, whether it’s a modern vehicle or a classic. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can contact our talented sales team to arrange a bespoke door seal that exactly fits your needs.

Over the years, we’ve worked with major corporations such as Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Honda. We supply door seals in any quantity and at an extremely competitive price. If you are looking for a regular partner and a British business that is equipped to deliver a whole range of rubber extrusions, you can contact our sales team to discover how we can help.

We aim to provide our customers with the tailored service they are looking for. When it comes to a door seal supplier that you can trust, COH Baines really do know how to deliver.