As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber extrusions in the UK, we know that having the right tools is essential when replacing parts like seals and strips.

If you are looking to install PVC Herzim strips into channels around doors or awnings, for example, then a good strip tool is vital. Elegantly designed and built to last, it’s the perfect piece of kit for getting the job done quickly and properly.

What is a Herzim Strip Tool?

Often used in caravans and motorhomes, PVC Herzim strips are used to cover screw sites and can be found around doors and area like awnings. In older caravans, these can shrink and degrade, often becoming loose. Once you notice that there is a problem with your strips, it is important to replace them as soon as possible.

It's relatively easy to remove a Herzim strip but replacing it can be a little more fiddly. That’s where the Herzim strip tool comes in handy. This is essentially a small attachment that fits into a handle which you can use to ease the strip into place. Ideally, you want as tight a fit as possible so choosing the right size and shape strip first is critical.

At COH Baines we not only provide a full range of PVC Herzim strips but the tool to do the job properly as well. We can also create bespoke extrusions for your vehicle, particularly if you have a classic model that requires something out of the ordinary.

Why Choose COH Baines?

COH Baines is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber extrusions in the UK, including PVC Herzim strips. We not only work with many industries but offer our products to private caravan and other vehicle owners.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, we’ve built up a formidable reputation over the last 80 years and, as a family-owned business, we believe we have our customers’ best interests at heart at all times. If you are looking to replace your strips and want the full kit, you can order products from our catalogue, including the Herzim strip tool.

With fast delivery and a responsive sales team on hand to give you all the help you need, we’ll ensure that you get the right solution for your make and model.

One of the major mistakes we see people make when ordering strips is that they are not a tight enough fit. That can mean in a very short time the strip comes loose again. It’s often because the right tool is not being used for the job – the Herzim strip tool allows you to push the PVC strip tightly into the frame or awning and get a really good seal.

Browse the COH Baines Catalogue Today

Replacing strips can be a relatively easy task if you have the right product and tool. COH Baines gives you a one-stop-shop that should meet your needs perfectly, whether you have a classic caravan or motorhome or something more modern.

Browse our extensive catalogue today to find out more. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact our experienced sales team and we will be able to come up with a bespoke solution for you.


Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips

Where do I find the Herzim Strip tools? Thanks. Steve

Margaret Dorbie

Margaret Dorbie

I cannot find a Herzim strip tool on you site. I need to purchase a load of herzim strip and need a tool to insert this.

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