PVC Draught Excluder

COH Baines manufacture and supply a range of self-grip PVC draught excluders at competitive prices for many different industries including the construction and automotive sectors.

With more than 80 years’ experience delivering an extensive catalogue of rubber and plastic extrusions, seals and edge trims, our expert team can also create bespoke solutions for your business.

Draught excluders are used to block cold air from circulating around doors and windows and play a big role in reducing heating costs. Our customers understand that quality is important when buying these sorts of components and having a reliable supplier is crucial in maintaining standards while still keeping costs under control.

Who Are COH Baines?

We’re one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber extrusions in the UK and have counted high-profile businesses such as Aston Martin and Ferrari as our customers over the last 8 decades. In truth, our customers come from all manner of industries and we’ve built some long-standing partnerships over the years.

We make a broad range of different rubber and plastic products including PVC draught excluders, door and window seals, grommets and edge trim. Customers can order exactly what they need and keep control of their costs, whether they want car door seals of a certain specification or something like a draught excluder.

We have some 1,700 standard dies in our catalogue at the moment and more than 5,000 that have been designed bespoke for our customers over the years. If you don’t see what you are looking for in our catalogue, you can contact our sales team directly and they will work with you to tailor a design from your specifications.

We have a quick turn around from initial design to manufacturing what you require, something our customers appreciate and one of the reasons they come back to us again and again for future orders.

Why Buy Your PVC Draught Excluder from COH Baines

When you purchase a PVC draught excluder from the team at COH Baines, you can be 100% confident in the suitability and durability of our products. Because we manufacture on-site, we are able to stay in complete control of quality and delivery, helping to keep the costs down for our customers.

We work closely with industries such as car manufacturers and construction businesses who often require large orders of products such as PVC draught excluders. These businesses generally prefer to work with a company that understands their needs completely and doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach but is flexible to their needs.

Search Our PVC Draught Excluder Catalogue Today

One of the key benefits of partnering with COH Baines is that we have our manufacturing capability in the UK. That means we can tailor everything to the needs of your business and deliver all this at an exceptional cost and rapid delivery.

Many different industries come to us for a range of rubber extrusions because they can depend on our quality and service. If you are searching for a PVC draught excluder, browse our catalogue today.