Rubber Manufacturers UK

COH-Baines are one of the leading rubber manufacturers in the UK, with more than 80 years’ experience delivering for customers around the world. From rubber bungs to seals and self-gripping edge trim, we have a large catalogue of rubber extrusions to meet almost any need.

Because we are a manufacturer, we can also create unique rubber extrusions from scratch, tailored to your business needs.

Who Are COH-Baines?

Based in Tunbridge Wells, COH-Baines has been one of the top rubber manufacturers in the UK for the past 80 years. We currently have over 1700 different standard dies in our catalogue and can produce any type of rubber extrusion to order.

Our customers are businesses both big and small as well as individuals. For example, our smaller customers include individuals who are searching for limited quantities of rubber extrusions for their classic car. Our more well-known customers include Rolls Royce, Lotus, Honda and Aston Martin.

Key to our success has been a focus on key manufacturing infrastructure and the ability to deliver a high level of service to our customers. Whether it’s a small order or a large, ongoing provision, our team can certainly provide the support and quality you need.

What Rubber Extrusions Do We Supply?

Our customers come from all areas of the UK industry and include car and boat manufacturers, food and medical sectors as well as research and development. We have a dedicated sales team who can talk to you on the phone about your needs or visit your business to develop a strategy for rubber manufacture that meets your requirements exactly.

Our catalogue includes seals and windscreen surrounds for classic cars such as Jaguar, Hillman and Bentley. We provide rubber extrusions for caravans and have a full catalogue of edge trims, rubber buffers and grommets and sponge rubber sections.

COH-Baines and Rubber Manufacture

Key to our success is the manufacturing capability that we have on-site. That means we can be very responsive to our customer’s needs at all times. We believe strongly in customer service and our sales team are some of the most knowledgeable you could hope to find.

UK rubber manufacture is a competitive business and it’s taken a lot of work for us to stay at the cutting edge of delivery over the last 80 years. Our online shop hosts not only a huge range of standard dies, we also have more than 5,000 that are unique to individual customers we have provided our manufacturing services for over the years.

If you don’t see what you need in our extensive online catalogue, our experienced sales team will be more than happy to discuss your needs. Our fully equipped manufacturing unit means that we can work with you to develop and create the rubber extrusion that works for your business.

Why Choose COH-Baines?

If you are searching for rubber manufacturers, UK based company COH-Baines knows how to deliver. Having several high-profile customers both now and in the past, we are confident that we can provide exactly what your business needs.

With competitive pricing and fast delivery, COH-Baines is the responsive partner your business needs right now. Contact our expert sales team to see how we can help.