Rubber Seal for Car Boot

If you are searching for a high-quality rubber seal for your car boot, COH Baines is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all types of rubber extrusion in the UK. Our online catalogue allows you to order your seal directly and we have thousands of standard dies ready to go right now.

As with part in your car, your car boot area can degrade over time and the seal becomes brittle and ineffective. This means that leaks and other water ingresses can develop which are likely to cause more serious damage such as rusting over the long term.

What is a Rubber Car Boot Seal?

The good news is it’s relatively easy to replace the rubber seal for your car boot. It runs around the opening of the boot and can quickly be removed. New rubber seals are usually made from EPDM or PVC, sometimes with a metal infill and a foam sealing face. Once installed, the new seal creates a firm barrier between the inside of the boot and the outside world.

Rubber seals for the car boot can vary slightly depending on the make and age of the vehicle in which you want it replacing. The good news is that COH Baines can provide a wide range of different seals including for classic cars such as Minis, Morris Minors, Bentleys and Jaguar.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our existing catalogue, we can also make a bespoke rubber seal to your exact specifications.

Why Choose COH Baines for Your Car Boot Seal?

When it comes to rubber extrusions, including the seals for car boots, there’s not a lot that the team at COH Baines don’t know. We’ve been trading as a manufacturer and supplier in the UK for more than 80 years and, over that time, we’ve built up an extensive catalogue of standard dies.

We’ve got some 1700 available in EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone and Neoprene. We also have an additional 5,000 that have been created bespoke for our customers.

Key to our success has been the onsite manufacturing and design capability that we have which makes us the first port of call for many UK and international businesses as well as private customers. Over the years, we’ve supplied rubber extrusions including car boot and window seals for major companies such as Lotus, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

Our dedicated sales team are highly experienced and work closely with customers to help deliver exactly what they need. Based in Merseyside, we are not only able to help over the phone but often get out on the road to meet customers in person and make sure we deliver the best service we can.

Whether you’re a car manufacturer looking for a rubber extrusions partner or a private individual who needs to replace their car boot seal, the good news is that COH Baines has all the bases covered. With fast delivery to anywhere in the UK, we can have your order processed and dispatched within a couple of days.

If you are currently searching for that all-important rubber seal for car boot, whatever make of car you have, browse our current catalogue today.