Rubber Seal for Doors

Rubber seals are widely used in the home to help prevent drafts and keep us warm. They’re also found in our cars where they create an airtight seal that stops leaks and ensures our doors close snugly.

Over time, rubber seals can become degraded. They harden or become porous, crack or rip, and that means they don’t work as effectively as once they did. When this happens, it’s critical to replace the seals and prevent any potential damage that can be caused.

Rubber Seals for Car and Van Doors

One sign that your car or van door needs a new seal is when it will begin to leak during wet weather. You may also notice that the car is noisier than it used to be and you might even feel air movement.

It’s important to check your van or door seals every so often to make sure they are working properly. If the seal has become hardened or appears brittle, you might want to consider replacing it. If a seal breaks, it can cause leaking which can get into the metalwork causing rust and effect any electrics.

Rubbers Seals for the Garage Door

Seals are used in many places around the home. If you are thinking about converting a garage to a living space, for example, you may want to add more effective seals to the door. This is particularly important for the bottom of the door where there is usually a gap. Doing so can help remove uncomfortable drafts and prevent problems with damp.

Rubber Seals for the Front and Back Door

Other places where rubber seals are found are on your property doors. These seals perform a central role in making sure that your home remains warm during the winter and prevent annoying draughts.

It’s relatively easy to replace the rubber seals on a door and can make a big difference to the comfort of your home. A new seal can also have an impact on your energy bills by reducing draughts and cold air.

Rubber Seals from COH Baines

At COH Baines we manufacture and supply a wide range of rubber seals for multiple applications. With more than 80 years’ experience delivering high-quality products to UK homes and businesses, you can be 100% sure that you’re getting a rubber seal that is fit for purpose and built to last.

As a family-owned business based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, we currently have some 1,700 standard dies in our catalogue as well as a further 5,000 that have been manufactured from scratch for specific customers.

While doors seals of all types are readily available online nowadays, it’s important to choose a quality product. Our rubber extrusions can be made from a variety of materials including EPDM, nitrile and neoprene. It’s simple to order from COH Baines and we can have your new door seal delivered in just a matter of days.

If you are not sure what sort of door seal you need, you can chat with our experienced sales team who know everything there is to know about rubber extrusions. Contact us today to find out more.