Rubber Seals and Extrusions for Buses and Coaches

There are around 32,000 buses in service around the UK at any one time, ferrying people from one location to another across cities, towns and villages. In addition to this, thousands of coaches help transport many of us each day over large distances, even to far-flung locations in Europe for those all-important holidays.

Maintaining buses and coaches is, of course, important. One of the key parts of bus infrastructure that often fail is the numerous rubber seals and extrusions that help protect areas such as windows, doors and engine parts. These are vital for creating air-tight seals

COH Baines is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality rubber seals and extrusions for buses and coaches. We work with many different transport organisations both big and small across the UK, helping them maintain their vehicles so that they are fit to travel on the road.

In general, the most common use of a rubber seal in the automotive industry is to help create an airtight seal. Over time, seals degrade through use and the impact of the environment around them.  The soft, pliable rubber that creates these seals eventually start to become more brittle and can break. This can then lead to draughts and leaks that not only make travel more uncomfortable but can have an impact on the bus or coach infrastructure itself, causing water to get into wiring and leading to hidden areas of rust that are costly to repair.

The best option is to replace these seals after the damage is noticed and the more quickly this is done the better. Most bus and coach companies run fairly large fleets and maintaining each vehicle is critical. Access to a reliable manufacturer and supplier of rubber seals and extrusions specifically designed for buses and coaches is therefore very important too.

Why Choose COH Baines?

Bus and coach companies choose to partner with COH Baines for several reasons. First of all, we’re a British owned company that has several decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying rubber seals of all types to many well-known companies in the UK and around the world.

Established way back in 1939, we’re a family-owned business that is focused on providing a high-quality service to our customers at all times. Based in Liverpool, we’ve worked closely with businesses in many sectors including transportation, aerospace, marine, construction and the hospitality industry.

We have thousands of dies in our existing catalogue which can be ordered online with fast delivery. If your business requires bespoke solutions and seals and extrusions for buses and coaches that fall outside the normal remit, we can also manufacture on-site from scratch with fast lead-in times. Our expert sales team are always on hand to give advice and ensure you get the right product for your business.

Find Rubber Seals and Extrusions for Buses and Coaches

If you are a bus or coach company and you’re searching for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of rubber seals, contact the team at COH Baines today or browse our online catalogue.

Rubber seals and extrusions for buses and coaches