Rubber Seals for Triumph

The Triumph is one of the most iconic British cars ever made and many vintage vehicles are lovingly repaired, restored and driven by their owners on modern roads today. Getting replacement parts for any vintage car is often a challenge for enthusiasts and owners – especially if you are looking for authenticity.

The good news is that COH Baines has these replacements in stock right now and you can order rubber seals for vehicles such as a Triumph quickly and easily from our online catalogue. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber seals in the UK, we pride ourselves on the extensive catalogue of rubber seals as well as other components such as quarterlight rubbers, pedals and radiator hoses that we’ve built up over the years.

All you need to do if you are searching for rubber seals for your Triumph is check out our existing catalogue and order online. If you don’t see what you need, our sales team can help you put together a bespoke specification that can be manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Do Your Seals Need Replacing?

Rubber seals need replacing after a period because they can become brittle or damaged. That means they are less effective at keeping out the draughts and are likely to leak. Water getting into your vintage car causes issues such as rust, much of which can be hidden away because it's behind panelling.

Triumph owners may need specific rubber seals for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve had your vehicle for several years but have noticed the seals are more brittle now – maybe driving is noisier and you can see water leaking through during bad weather.

Perhaps you’re carrying out a full renovation or restoration and need to replace all the rubber seals for your Triumph because they have been damaged over the years.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that COH Baines is the perfect rubbers seals supplier for makes such as Triumph and ordering is extremely easy. It’s the simplest way to return your classic car to pristine condition.

Where to Find Rubber Seals for Triumph

If you own a classic car such as a Triumph, it pays to build a relationship with a company that understands your needs. COH Baines was first founded n 1939 and over the years we’ve not only worked with some of the biggest car manufacturers but we’ve provided support to classic car enthusiasts who want original parts for their vehicles.

Based in Liverpool, we have our manufacturing capability on-site which means that we can produce large and small orders to the customer’s exact specifications. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our online catalogue that contains thousands of dies, our amazing sales team can produce bespoke solutions for you, with quick lead-in times and express delivery.

Triumph Seals from COH Baines

If you own a classic car and need a partner who can provide original rubber seals, contact our sales team today or browse our extensive online catalogue.

Rubber seals for triumph