Sponge profiles are manufactured for a variety of different vehicles and modern machines and used widely in many industries from the automotive sector to aviation and the maritime industry. They are usually made from a range of materials including EPDM, neoprene, nitrile and silicone and you find them in everything from car components to aircraft, boats and buses and coaches.

They are also widely used in the construction industry, making hospitality equipment, found in window double glazing and a whole host of other components we hardly notice in the world around us.

Whether you are looking for a small quantity for private use or you’re a business that requires a range of different components for products, working with experienced sponge profiles manufacturers and suppliers is critical.

From sponge cords to seals and strips, COH Baines is the leading UK manufacturer of sponge profiles in the UK. We have an extensive catalogue with many thousands of dies but also have the capability to manufacture and supply bespoke solutions for our customers.

COH Baines: Sponge Profiles Manufacturers

COH Baines is based in Liverpool and is one of the leading sponge profiles manufacturers in the country today. Our family-owned company was formed way back in 1939 and over the years we have worked with many high profile businesses.

One of the key factors that set us apart from other businesses around the world is our unique manufacturing capability with on-site, state of the art facilities. We have been able to maintain our family-focused approach to business which means that we put a lot of work into providing an excellent service to all our customers, whether they are private individuals or large corporations.

We have one of the biggest sponge profile catalogues in the country but can also create bespoke solutions for our customers from a wide range of modern materials.

What Makes COH Baines Different?

It’s our focus on the details that matter which sets COH Baines apart as one of the best sponge profile manufacturers in the UK today. Over the last 70 years or more, we’ve invested heavily in top of the range manufacturing facilities, helping us to build up an extensive catalogue. We’re always looking to improve our processes and bring the latest technology to the table.

One of the amazing benefits of dealing with COH Baines is that we have a fully experienced and highly knowledgeable sales team who know all there is to know about sponge profiles of all types. They work with all types of customers, especially when a bespoke solution is required. With fast response and quick lead-in times, our sponge profile manufacturing capability is second to none around the world.

Over the decades that we’ve been operating, we’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the UK and around the world.

Buy Sponge Profiles today

If you are searching to build a relationship with the leading sponge profiles manufacturing in the UK today, contact the team at COH Baines or browse our extensive online catalogue that contains thousands of dies.

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