There’s a large community of classic car enthusiasts in the UK today, everyone from Morris Minor and MG owners to more exotic and older vehicles. Finding replacement parts for classics can be something of a challenge, even for the most dedicated owner, especially if you need something as close to the original as possible.

If you are searching for vintage car seals, the good news is that COH Baines is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of these products in the UK today. Whatever length of seal you require, we offer fast delivery and high-quality materials that are built to last. Our online catalogue contains thousands of standard dies and includes those for classic cars.

Finding Vintage Car Seals

One of the first things to degrade on a classic car, even if it is well kept, are the door and window seals. Over time, these can become brittle and cracked. The first you’ll probably notice is if your car appears a little noisier as you drive along. Damaged seals also mean that water gets into the infrastructure of your car, causing rust and other underlying problems.  

It’s important to check and replace your vintage car seals regularly to see if they are damaged. It’s a relatively easy job to replace them but finding the right seals for your car can be difficult. That’s where the team at COH Baines come in. Our current catalogue of classic car seals and trims is second to none.

Why Choose COH Baines?

COH Baines is one of the leading suppliers of vintage car seals in the UK and we’ve got a large catalogue available online. We’re a family-owned British company based in Liverpool and Tunbridge Wells with more than 80 years of experience behind us.

COH Baines started from humble beginnings in 1939 but over the decades we have developed a strong relationship with classic car owners.

We have an existing catalogue of vintage car seals and trims for brands such as Jaguar, Hillman, Ford, Rover, MG, Land Rover and Mini to name just a few. You’ll likely be able to find the seal or trim you are looking for here online.

If you can’t, one of the key benefits of COH Baines is that we have manufacturing capability onsite. That means we can make any vintage car seals and trims from scratch at a very competitive price. With short lead-in times and fast delivery, all you need to do is talk things through with our expert sales team and we’ll do the rest.

There’s not much that we don’t know about rubber extrusions of all types. Over the years, we’ve not only supplied private customers but large companies as well, across many industries, including the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors.

Order Your Vintage Car Seals Today

If you’re a classic car owner, there’s no doubt you want the best replacement products for your vehicle. Whether you’re simply maintaining an existing car or renovating one in a big new project, there’s only one sensible choice.

Choose COH Baines for your vintage car seals. Browse our catalogue today.


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