Window Filler Strips Manufacturer

A window filler strip or gasket is an integral part of any vehicle, leisure boat, train, mobile home or caravan, helping to keep the window in place and properly sealed.

Finding a quality manufacturer and supplier is important if you are looking to replace one. At COH Baines, we have more than 80 years of experience not only delivering to businesses across the UK but to individual customers as well.

Over the years we’ve worked with companies in the automotive, marine and air industries as a respected window filler strips manufacturer. We also provide bespoke and standard die solutions for many individual customers, including those who own classic cars.

The Benefits of a Window Filler Strips Manufacturer

You can find window filler strips online almost anywhere but buying them from a manufacturer and supplier like COH Baines means that you can always rely on great quality at a fantastic price. It’s important when replacing these key parts of any vehicle that you have high-spec materials that are designed to last and won’t start degrading over just a few years.

If you’re an automobile manufacturer, for instance, you’ll want a regular supply of window filler strips from a manufacturer that you can rely on and trust. The same goes for both the marine and aviation industries. Over the years, we’ve also provided gaskets and other types of seals for motorhomes and caravans as well as for the bus and coaching sectors and even rail stock.

Why Choose COH Baines

Key to the success of COH Baines over the years has been its ability to form partnerships with many different industries from aviation and marine to automotive and the leisure industries. We have several thousand dies in our catalogue that can be easily manufactured onsite at our fully equipped premises in Tunbridge Wells and Liverpool.

With more than 80 years of delivering high-quality rubber extrusions across the world, we remain a family-owned business that has good service at our core. There’s not much our sales and support team don’t know about rubber extrusion including window filler strips and we’re always here to help.

While we have standard dies for different makes and models on our books, and a catalogue that stretches into the thousands, we also produce bespoke solutions for our customers. That means our team can work with you to create something entirely from scratch using our state-of-the-art software and manufacturing processes.

We also provide rubber extrusions to the wider public, including classic car enthusiasts. Finding something like a rubber window filler strip that is designed for a car like a vintage Ford or Range Rover can be challenging.

The good news is that, once we make something for a customer, we keep the specs on record. That means you can simply access our catalogue, find what you need and order the quantity that you want. If it’s not in our catalogue, our expert team can find a tailored solution for you using the best rubber products.

Where To Find Window Filler Strips

If you are searching for a window filler strips manufacturer for your business or you are an individual looking for a one-off purchase, browse our catalogue today.


Window filler strips manufacturer