Ford Cortina is a classic that are still loved today. Launched as a must have affordable family vehicle the MkI was way ahead of its time.

The First Ford Cortina Windscreen Rubber Suppliers

It wasn’t long before COH Baines independent rubber extrusion suppliers had a whole new set of profiles added to their stock list. Many of which are still available. For the classic car enthusiast COH Baines is the Ford Cortina windscreen rubber suppliers of choice, supplying products of the highest quality at the right price, which is delivered right to their door.

Over a period of twenty years the Ford Cortina went through a series of changes resulting in many models from the MK I to the MK V. there are plenty of fine examples of these iconic vehicles displayed at many of the annual car show up and down the country and they all have to be kept in pristine condition. This is where COH Baines comes to the fore. People already know that we are the Ford Cortina windscreen rubber suppliers to come to but that is not all we have to offer. There are a number of Fordmakes and models that we have rubber extrusion products available for, Escorts, Capri and Transit are just a few that are popular models for restoration.

Years of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Our years of knowledge within the rubber extrusion industry means that COH Baines has one of the largest catalogues of rubber extrusion products you would ever find. We have a FREE catalogue that you can download and browse through from time to time and ordering is easy.

If you are just starting out as a classic car restorer of whether you are an old hand at the many tasks involved, COH Baines have a range of tools that are specially designed for a number of the operations you are more than likely going to come across. While you are here have a quick look there could be just the thing you’ve been looking for.


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