Caravan Door Seal Manufacturer and Supplier

Caravan door seals are an integral part of your vehicle and they help to seal gaps and keep your vehicle comfortable and safe to drive. Over time, caravan door seals can degrade, unfortunately, which means the old one needs to be removed and a new one installed.

While this isn’t a difficult job it’s essential to choose the right caravan door seal manufacturer and supplier in the first place. At COH Baines, we have decades of experience creating a wide variety of different seals and other rubber extrusions for the motor industry and we’re proud of our reputation.

If you are searching for a quality caravan door seal that is designed to last and available at a great price, you should browse our online catalogue today.

A good door seal ideally cuts down sound and draughts and stops leaks getting into the metal areas of your car and causing damage through rusting. It’s important if you have a degraded caravan door seal to replace it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of damage, not least because leaking water can quickly get into your electrics.

Why Choose COH Baines

We’re a long-established caravan door seal manufacturer and supplier based in Liverpool. We’ve been manufacturing rubber extrusions of all types for more than 80 years and can deliver standard dies as well as bespoke solutions made to measure for our clients around the UK.

As a family-owned business, we aim to provide our customers in the UK with the personal service they are looking for. We have some 1,700 standard dies in our current catalogue and around 5,000 unique dies that have been made for customers over the years at our fully equipped manufacturing plant in Merseyside.

Over the years, we’ve built partnerships with some big automotive manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Honda and Ferrari. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to our customer’s needs and provide our caravan door seals for both private owners and businesses. If you require a bespoke solution for your caravan door seal, our specialist sales team can work directly with you to develop the die that suits your needs.

Contact COH Baines for Your Caravan Door Seal

There are plenty of places to buy caravan door seals today but not all give you the quality that you are looking for. We are uniquely placed in having manufacturing capability on site in Liverpool and we can work in a range of materials from neoprene and silicon to natural rubber. Our caravan door seals are manufactured to high specifications and, with fast delivery, you can have your product delivered in just a matter of days.

The team at COH Baines know everything there is to know about rubber seals and extrusions of all types and we pride ourselves in the level of service we provide for our customers around the UK. If you are searching for a caravan door seal manufacturer and supplier you can count on 100%, contact the team at COH Baines today.