Caravan Window Seals

Caravan window seals come in a range of different specifications and finding the right fit for a replacement can be difficult. Whether you own an older caravan or a modern one, COH Baines have one of the largest catalogues of high-quality window seals in the UK.

Of course, caravans are not just for getting from A to B. Many people will spend a couple of weeks on holiday in their campervan, some even live most of their time in one, travelling around the country. Unfortunately, a broken or degraded caravan window seal can make things pretty uncomfortable.

Age and hardening of the seal happen naturally over time, whether it’s on the cabin or the main living compartment.

Once this happens, exposure to the elements can start to make things worse. If it rains, water can seep through and get into other parts of the caravan causing rust and even electrical damage. The broken seal also means that it can be difficult to keep the main compartment warm or keep down the sound from outside.

Replacing a caravan window seal is a relatively easy operation if you know what you are doing. It’s important, however, to make sure you have the correct size and shape of seal and that it’s made of a quality that lasts.

Where Can I Find the Right Caravan Window Seals?

You can find a huge range of caravan window seals for sale online but not all suppliers are made equal.

It’s easy to focus on the cost and forget about the quality so that you end up with a seal that fits okay at first but degrades quickly. At COH Baines, we ensure the quality of our caravan window seals, giving you complete peace of mind at a cost you can easily afford.

Who Are COH Baines?

COH Baines are a UK based rubber extrusions manufacturer and supplier. While we offer our services to a wide array of different companies in the automotive, marine, medical research and hospitality industries, we also have a wide-ranging catalogue of different seals that are available to the general public.

We’ve been making rubber seals for almost as long as people have enjoyed caravanning as a holiday option. We’ve recently celebrated 80 years in business, working with some high-profile names such as Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Ferrari UK over the years, so we know what we’re talking about.

Our customers come from all walks of life and they choose us for their seals, edge trim and other rubber extrusions because they know they can trust us.

Why Buy Caravan Window Seals from COH Baines?

COH Baines has one of the most comprehensive catalogues of caravan window seals in the UK and we’re a market leader both here and abroad. Our onsite manufacturing and design capabilities also mean that we can create bespoke seals for any business as well as those who may have a classic model where seals are hard to come by.
Caravan window seals