COH Baines have the most comprehensive catalogue of edge trim for a wide range of industries and sectors in the UK.

Our manufacturing capability means we are also able to deliver bespoke solutions that meet your needs, created for your business in a variety of materials including PVC, plastic, rubber and EPDM.

What is Edge Trim?

Edge trim is included in some form or another in many different industries. Edge trim or trim seals are used to protect surfaces that might be sharp and potentially dangerous or simply to tidy up a product so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing.  

It can be seen in the automotive industry where it is often used in areas like doors. The construction industry also uses edge trims widely and these can be made from a variety of materials such as EPDM, neoprene, silicone and PVC. Trims can be solid and hard as with PVC or more flexible with a synthetic material like EPDM.

Size and shape will also vary depending on the type of surface being concealed or covered. At COH Baines, we offer a broad range of standard dies but can also create bespoke solutions in our manufacturing plant if customers require them. Our expert team know just about all there is to know about rubber and plastic extrusions of all types.

Why Choose COH Baines

We produce almost any type of rubber extrusion you can design the specs for or think of. We’ve been a leading UK company for more than 80 years and have had some prestige customers including Rolls Royce and Aston Martin who we’ve provided our services to in the past.

We currently have just over 1,700 standard dies in our catalogue and more than 5,000 bespoke designs that we have created for our customers over the years. This gives you the most comprehensive listings of edge trim, rubber and plastic extrusions, rubber buffers and grommets you are likely to find anywhere in the world.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our catalogue, you can easily contact our expert sales team who will be able to work directly with you to find the right solution. At COH Baines, we’re used to dealing with a wide range of customers in the automotive, marine, construction and hospitality industries to name just a few.

We’ve made it easy to search our catalogue, whatever type of rubber extrusion or edge trim you require. We aim to provide a cost-effective, one-stop solution for all your needs, with great prices and fast delivery. If you require a bespoke edge trim, we’ll get cracking on manufacturing it as soon as we are sure of the specifications and you’re happy for us to proceed.

Browse Our Catalogue of Edge Trim Today

If you are looking for edge trim, COH Baines has one of the most comprehensive catalogues in the UK today. Perhaps you want a non-standard edge trim, however, in which case our manufacturing team will be happy to work directly with you.

Why not start by browsing our edge trim catalogue today.