Extruded Rubber Seals Supplier

COH-Baines are a leading extruded rubber seals supplier in the UK. Based in Tunbridge Wells we offer a catalogue of 1700 standard dies as well as 5000 that are unique to individual customers.

We also have manufacturing capability second to none which means we can easily offer bespoke solutions to both individuals and companies.

Extruded Rubber Seals at COH-Baines

Extruded rubber seals are an integral part of many vehicles, boats, aircraft, appliances, scientific equipment and food and medical equipment. You’ll find them in your car, in your fridge and even sealing your windows at home.

It’s relatively easy to find extruded rubber seals supplier if you go online. The difference we make at COH-Baines is the quality, high level of service and the competitive cost of our products that come as standard.

Not only can we provide standard seals for a huge variety of products, but we can also manufacture bespoke solutions at our state-of-the-art facility in Tunbridge Wells.

Our products include:

  • Rubber extrusions for classic cars and caravans.
  • Edge trim and self-grip sections.
  • Rubber buffers and grommets.
  • Rubber matting and sheeting.
  • Sponge rubber sections.

Who We Provide Rubber Seals For

We are a UK based extruded rubber seals supplier for a range of industries from car manufacture and aviation to the construction industry and marine sector. We also have products that are aimed at private individuals such as caravan owners and classic car enthusiasts.

The large number of rubber seals that we have in our catalogue are designed to meet almost any need but we are conscious that many of our customers require bespoke solutions. That’s where our unique manufacturing capability becomes so important.

We have an experienced and dedicated sales team on site who can either talk to you over the phone or visit your business to make sure you get the rubber seals that you are looking for. With no minimum or maximum order and exceptional pricing, we believe that we offer the most flexible service for extruded rubber seal supply in the UK, if not the world.

Why Choose COH-Baines as Your Extruded Rubber Seals Supplier

We are a long-standing British company with more than 80 years of high-quality manufacture and supply behind us. We are constantly looking to improve our service and our customers in the past have included some high profile names such as Honda, Rolls Royce and Lotus.

We believe we have one of the biggest selection of extruded rubber seals available, all at a highly competitive price. We can supply seals in a range of materials including EPDM, neoprene, nitrile and silicone. We can also meet high standards for specific industries where compliance is vital. This includes flame-retardant materials and those suitable for the food and medical sectors.

Contact COH-Baines Today

Over the last 80 years, COH-Baines have built a strong reputation as the leading extruded rubber seals supplier in the UK. If you are currently searching for rubber seals and need a partner you can depend on, contact our experienced sales team or browse our extensive catalogue today.