Ford Rubber Seal

Ford is one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the world today and manufacture dates way back to the turn of the last century. Whether you have a new model or a classic Ford finding quality rubbers seals at a good price is important.

COH Baines are a UK based rubber extrusion and rubber seal manufacturer supplying the car industry as well as individual motorists and classic car enthusiasts. Our range of Ford rubber seals means you now have a one-stop-shop for all your needs should you have to replace these components on your vehicle.

A quality rubber seal ensures, for instance, that you don’t have any leaks around the windows or nasty draughts when you’re driving along the motorway. They’re not just integral to the structure but are important for comfort as well. Over time a Ford rubber seal can become hardened, crack and degrade so it no longer performs optimally.

The good news is that Ford rubber seals are relatively easy to replace. The quality seals we can produce on-demand for our customers at COH Baines provides you with everything you need, whether you’re a garage, restoring an old classic or need a seal for a newer car.

Why Order Your Ford Rubber Seal From COH Baines?

We’re a family-owned business with more than 80 years experience of delivering high-quality rubber extrusions in any quantity. We have a large range of Ford rubber seals in our catalogue but can also provide bespoke manufacturing if you require something different.

Based in Liverpool, we have forged relationships over the years with many high-profile automobile manufacturers including Aston Martin, Honda and Rolls Royce. Our catalogue of rubber seals is one of the biggest in the UK. We have around 1,700 standard dies including suitable Ford rubber seals and more than 5,000 unique dies that have been created bespoke for our customers.

If you know the spec of your Ford rubber seal, it’s a simple task to check that we have it in our catalogue and then order easily online. We aim to get your delivery out to you in just a few days, all at a competitive cost. If you are unsure what type of rubber seal you need, you can always talk directly to our experienced and knowledgeable sales team who will help you find the specification and quantity you are looking for.

Order a Ford Rubber Seal Today

If the rubber seal on your Ford is either degraded or has become hardened, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Failing to do so can lead to structural problems if the door or window doesn’t close properly.

While some technical expertise is needed to do this, it’s relatively easy for most car owners. If you are a business such as a garage, a used car dealership or even a car manufacturer, building a relationship with COH Baines can make a big difference to your bottom line when it comes to ordering seals.

If you are searching for a Ford rubber seal and require a quality product delivered to your door, browse our catalogue today.