6 Vandals Trash Reliance Bus Works

Reliance Bus Works are a niche company that work with Bus Preservation Societies across the country doing valuable work restoring buses that keep our heritage vehicles on the road.

In January, Martyn and Laura who run the company were confronted with a scene of devastation. 6 Vandals had broken into the company yard, and mindlessly attacked the vehicles. From Vintage Buses to Employee Cars, everything the vandals could get their hands on was destroyed. 

With the help of the community and COH Baines, Reliance Bus Works were able to get their business and their customers vehicles back to where they left it in around a month. 

Here is what owner Martyn has to say: 'I’ve had an interest in old buses since 3 years old. I joined a local bus company in 1978, and started up the restoration service in 2000. Preservationists from all over the country send us their vehicles, and we have become adept at finding the right parts and finding ways to mend that keep our Bus and Coach heritage vehicles on the road.  

It’s taken us about a month, but we are just about back to where we were with the vehicles before the vandals struck. We are immensely grateful to COH Baines for denoting the rubber seals. Your company have paid a significant part in helping us recover.' 

COH Baines were able to supply the replacement parts free of charge which sped up the repairs and allowed the team to get back to where they left off. 

'You were able to supply the replacement parts we needed directly from stock, and we are immensely grateful that you volunteered to provide the seals to us free of charge.

The speed of delivery enabled us to get on with re-restoring the vehicles and the product quality was first class.' says Laura at Reliance Bus Works

Martyn and Laura have been overwhelmed with the support all of the community have gave and we feel particularly honoured to be able to do our part and help out in such a saddening situation. We wish them a bright future and wish them many more years of success in their business. 

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