Rubber Seals

COH Baines are one of the leading UK manufacturers of rubber seals and extrusions. We currently have one of the biggest standard profile catalogues in the world but can also provide tailored designs for all types of different businesses around the globe.

If your business is working on a new product and requires custom-made rubber seals of any size or shape, our experienced team will ensure you get all the support that you need. We work closely with our customers to make sure that they get the exact product they are looking for.

Rubber seals are generally used to prevent leaks between two different components and work by creating water or airtight connections that are machined to high specifications.

For example, your household vacuum may have seals to prevent air from escaping to create more suction or prevent dust escaping. A petrol engine will have a seal to prevent fuel from leaking out. An aircraft will have specialist door seals to ensure that pressure is maintained during flight.

What Are Rubber Seals Used For?

You’ll find rubber seals in many, many different products, even in your own home. These include:

  • Caravans: Rubber seals are used for areas like the windows and doors but can also be found in various parts of the engine.
  • Classic Cars: Rubber seals for vintage vehicles are a specialism of COH Baines. Many classic cars require unique rubber seals that have to be manufactured from scratch. Others can cope with a standard fitting and we offer both facilities at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Tunbridge Wells.
  • Windows and Doors: If you look around your home, you’ll find plenty of rubber seals, especially for your window frames and helping to keep your doors draft-free.

Rubber seals are also used in a huge range of machinery for manufacturing, aircraft, buses, trains and household products.

As with many products, rubber seals do degrade over time and will at some point need to be replaced. For many things like doors and windows, this is a relatively easy job but others might need replacing by a profession. You’ll certainly need the right tools.

For new products, the design and manufacture of rubber seals is probably one of the most important considerations.

It’s important to make sure you source your rubber seals from a manufacturer or supplier that has a good reputation.

How COH Baines Can Help

We have over 1700 different dies and that doesn’t take into account our ability to manufacture unique designs on demand. With more than 80 years in the business, we’ve built a pretty strong reputation in the UK and around the world.

Our quality rubber seals are made from materials such as EPDM, neoprene and nitrile to the best industry standards. Our customers include individuals who require a small number of rubber seals to large manufacturers that deal in much larger quantities such as Rolls Royce and Lotus.

Our specialist manufacturing site in Tunbridge Wells is tailored to producing on-demand orders and getting supplies out to individuals and business in a short time at a competitive cost. Contact us today to find out more.