The Importance of a Working Car Boot Seal

Rubber seals form an integral part of any car. They protect areas like the doors, windows and the boot and prevent them from leaking.

Over time, however, rubber seals can begin to harden, crack and degrade which means they don’t do their job properly. You can help maintain these seals by regularly cleaning them but at some point, they will need to be replaced.

A faulty car boot seal can present several problems. First, it can mean water leaks into the boot area causing rust and damage. If the seals have become porous, they may attract moisture which when it freezes during the winter can make the boot difficult to open or close.

The good news is that replacing a car boot seal is relatively easy and doesn’t take too long. All you need to do is make sure you buy a high-quality seal that is created specifically for this purpose. The biggest issue is going to be removing the old seal.

Check first that it does need replacing. If you’ve noticed leaking or there are tears in the seal or it’s hardened in places, then you should think about ordering a new rubber seal. When you do remove the old seal, you’ll find that there will be some adhesive and rubber left behind – it’s important to get rid of as much of this as possible before you fit the new seal.

Where Can I Find a New Car Boot Seal?

The good news is that rubber seals for all areas of your car are readily available online. It’s important, however, to choose a suitable product that is fit for purpose. At COH Baines we have a long history of producing all types of seals for cars, including for the boot area.

Why Choose COH Baines?

We’re a family-owned independent company that is based in Tunbridge Wells and we have more than 80 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of rubber extrusions of all types. We have some 1,700 standard dies on our books as well as 5,000 bespoke ones that are created from scratch for our customers.

Whether you are a garage or private individual, making sure you choose a quality product when buying rubber seals is important. We produce rubber extrusions in a variety of materials including EPDM, silicone, natural rubber, neoprene and nitrile. We’ve worked closely with the automotive industry over the years and have built relationships with large brands such as Rolls Royce, Honda and Aston Martin.

We don’t just provide seals for a range of modern cars but classic models as well. And, if you need a seal that’s out of the ordinary, we can manufacture it to your exact specifications here at our modern workshop in Tunbridge Wells.

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Whether it’s a big order or a small one, you can be confident that the team at COH Baines can deliver. With our unique manufacturing capability and a strong focus on customer care, we can supply all your rubber seal and rubber extrusion needs.