Operating from Liverpool and Tunbridge Wells, COH Baines is one of the leading independent manufacturers and suppliers of rubber extrusions in the UK today. We’ve built a strong reputation over the years and have worked with some large, very well-known companies, especially in the automotive industry.

With 80 years of experience behind us and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on-site, we are well-placed to deliver both standard dies and bespoke solutions for businesses and organisations that require rubber extrusions.

With quality materials such as EPDM, SBR, Natural Rubber, Silicone, Neoprene®, Nitrile and Viton, we work with a wide range of different sectors and industries including the automotive sector, marine, construction, research and development as well as aviation, transport and food manufacturing operations.

Key to our success is the detailed knowledge that we have and the support that we provide through our dedicated sales team, particularly for those that need bespoke solutions for their rubber extrusions.

Rubber Extrusions for Every Industry

Rubber extrusions of all types are widely used in manufacturing processes. You’ll find rubber seals, for instance, in cars, boats, aircraft and trains. You’ll even find them in the kitchen with your cooker, toaster and microwave.

Whether it’s natural rubber or EPDM, Silicone or Nitrile, you can’t go far in the world without passing something that has a rubber extrusion in it.

As a company, COH Baines deals with a broad range of different businesses. These include small enterprises that want support from a reliable supplier to larger corporations that are looking for a steady supply of rubber seals or tubing to aid their manufacturing processes.

While rubber extrusions of all types are available to buy online, it’s important to work with a company that has quality built into its processes and knows how to deliver. If you’re a business that depends on strong supply chains, then you can certainly depend on our expert team and our high-volume manufacturing capability.

One of the key reasons that many businesses make COH Baines their first port of call for rubber extrusions is our knowledge. We first started way back in 1939 and quickly became one of the leading suppliers of rubber products in the UK.

What makes us unique in modern times is that we have retained our capacity to manufacture bespoke solutions for our clients. Our on-site team probably know as much as there is to know about rubber extrusions and how different industries use them.

Why Choose COH Baines for Your Rubber Extrusions?

If your company is looking for value for money and reliability in the supply chain when it comes to rubber extrusions, then it’s worth taking a closer look at COH Baines. We have thousands of standard dies in our catalogue which you can easily access online.

For those who need a tailored solution, perhaps for a brand new product that you are designing, our professional team is happy to work directly with you. We promise short lead-in times and speedy delivery, whatever your requirements are.

If you are searching for a reliable supplier and manufacturer of rubber extrusions of all types, visit our website today to find out more.