Rubber extrusions, from seals and grips to edge trims and cords, play a vital role in modern manufacturing. Everything from cars and boats to our homes and office buildings usually contains some form of rubber structure as part of the design.

COH Baines is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of rubber and plastic extrusions here in the UK and around the world. Our state-of-the-art capabilities mean that we are well-placed to provide both standard dies and bespoke solutions to trade and wholesale clients.

Our customers come from all commercial areas including automobile, ship, boat and hospitality manufacturing as well as research and development. With more than 80 years of experience, we’re a reliable partner that offers flexibility, quality and competitive pricing as well as innovation.

Wholesale Standard Dies

Does your business require a reliable, high-volume supply of standard dies, delivered on time and at a great price?

We have 1000s of dies ready to be produced and sent out as and when you need them. When you partner with COH Baines, you can always be 100% sure of the quality.

Bespoke Solutions

While many of our wholesale and trade customers are looking for standard dies, there are also quite a few who need brand-new solutions. That’s where COH Baines can certainly help:

  • We have full design and manufacturing capability onsite at our base in Tunbridge Wells.
  • We can produce non-standard solutions in a variety of different materials including EPDM, SBR, Natural Rubber, Silicone, Neoprene®, Nitrile and Viton.

We offer short lead-in times with new designs where our highly knowledgeable sales team work directly with you to go through the specs and then initiate design and manufacturing. You’re kept in the loop in every part of the development process.

Why Partner with COH Baines?

COH Baines is a British, family-owned business with a longstanding reputation on the global stage. We work with many different industries to provide trade and wholesale rubber and plastic extrusions of all types. The industries and sectors we’ve worked with over the last 80 years include automotive, aerospace, construction, engineering, leisure, marine and electronics.

What sets us apart?

Firstly, it’s the ability to fulfil large-scale orders for our customers. When you buy wholesale, you also get great reductions in the cost of manufacture and delivery.

Secondly, we provide both standard dies and bespoke solutions which means you have a flexible partner who can handle all your requirements.

Thirdly, we’re highly knowledgeable. Over 80 years of delivering for our customers around the world means that there’s not much we don’t know about rubber extrusions of all types.

When you call the support team at COH Baines, you’ll find people who really do know what they are talking about.

Since we began way back in 1939, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation. We’re always investing in our capabilities and responding to the global market.

If you’re searching for a wholesale or trade partner that knows how to deliver for your business, then contact the team at COH Baines today to see how we can help.