Rubber seals are used in a wide variety of products we see in everyday life. They stop the wind and rain from getting on into your car and spoiling your journey. They’re found in engine parts, aircraft, boats, even machines used by the food manufacturing industry.

Rubber Profiles

COH Baines is one of the leading seal manufacturers in the UK today and has a great reputation for customer service and quality products. We’ve formed strong partnerships with many well-known brands over the years.

We’re a family-owned business that has more than 70 years of experience providing high-quality seals of all types. We have several thousand standard dies in our catalogue today and have the capability to design and manufacture for any business that requires a bespoke solution. If you’re looking for a flexible solution when choosing your seal manufacturers, we believe that COH Baines ticks all the boxes.

Rubber Seals for the Motor Industry

COH Baines, from the very beginning, has been a strong ally to the automotive industry. We’ve worked with many amazing companies in the past including Rolls Royce and Honda.


Rubber seals are an integral part of new and classic cars and they help maintain the integrity of the framework and protect it from the elements. A damaged seal can mean water gets into the metalwork and causes rust. That’s why they need replacing when you spot a problem.

We can manufacture to order and supply existing dies for a range of different seals to suit almost any vehicle you could care to mention. We can also fulfil large orders for car manufacturers.

Rubber Seals for the Maritime Industry

You’ll find numerous seals and other rubber extrusions on boats and ships. These often need to be ordered in large quantities, something which COH Baines is well placed to deliver. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is second to none in the UK and can handle any size order.

Rubber Seals for the Construction Industry

Around your home, you may well already have COH seals in place, including in places like windows and doors. Our company has worked with many different players in the construction industry, often helping our partners find bespoke solutions to their needs.

As a seal manufacturer, we can provide a flexible approach with short lead-in times and high-quality materials including EPDM, neoprene and nitrile.

Rubber Seals for Private Customers

We don’t just provide our services to industries and businesses. Many of our most loyal customers are private individuals including classic car owners. It’s often difficult to find seals for certain makes of vintage cars. The good news is that we may have many of these in our catalogue already. If we don’t, you can order a bespoke solution.

Over the years we’ve gathered a large catalogue of standard and bespoke dies that are designed for a wide range of industries. If you don’t quite see what you are looking for, our experienced sales team are on hand to give you all the advice you need. That includes if you require a bespoke solution.

If you want access to the best rubber extrusions in the UK, COH Baines is one of the leading seal manufacturers in the world. Check out our catalogue today.


Rubber Profiles Supplier

Rubber products play a vital part in all sorts of machinery and manufacturing processes. You’ll find rubber seals in cars and caravans, edging for household products and cord and piping used in industries such as research and development and the food processing sector.

At COH Baines, we have many years of experience acting as the UK’s leading rubber profiles supplier. With onsite manufacturing capability, we can deliver on the majority of standard dies as well as produce bespoke rubber extrusions for any industry as well as private buyers.

Rubber Profile Suppliers for UK Industry

The plastics and rubber industry adds some £20 billion to the UK economy and manufacture is vital to many different sectors. These include automotive production, the marine sector, research and development, construction and the food manufacture industry.

Even around your home, you’ll find a wide range of rubber seals in areas like windows and doors as well as standard household appliances. Businesses need to have a secure and reliable supply of rubber products that match their needs if they want to remain viable.

Over the years, we have been the main rubber profile suppliers to some major corporations in the UK, including Honda, Lotus, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin in the automotive industry. Because we work across practically every major business sector, we have a wealth of experience that customers can draw on at any time.

Rubber Profiles Supplier for Classic Cars

The UK is home to many classic car owners. Finding a rubber profile supplier who can deliver a range of different extrusions suitable for vintage vehicles is important. Our catalogue covers classic ranges such as Bentley, MG, Mini, Triumph and Jaguar. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we can also create bespoke seals and edging to meet your needs.

Why Partner with COH Baines

The good news for businesses is that there is plenty of choices online if they want to purchase rubber extrusions of all types and in a range of different materials. It’s essential, however, to build a partnership with a manufacturer and supplier that has everything required when it comes to rubber profiles. COH Baines offers:

  • Thousands of rubber profiles: COH Baines has some 1,700 standard dies in EPDM, natural rubber, silicone, Nitrile and Neoprene. In addition, over the years we’ve built a catalogue of more than 5,000 dies that have been developed bespoke for our customers.
  • Decades of experience: We have just celebrated 80 years of manufacturing and supply of rubber profiles and pride ourselves on the level of our experience and the ability to deliver for our customers.
  • High-quality sales support: When you partner with COH Baines as your rubber profiles supplier, you get access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that you don’t get elsewhere.
  • Easy online ordering: Most of our catalogue is available online and ordering the rubber profile you require is as simple as selecting your order and heading to the secure checkout.

Find Rubber Profiles Today

If you are searching for quality rubber profile supplies in the UK, COH Baines ticks all the right boxes. Discover our extensive catalogue today.


Extruded Rubber Seals Supplier

COH-Baines are a leading extruded rubber seals supplier in the UK. We offer a catalogue of 1700 standard dies as well as 5000 that are unique to individual customers.

We also have manufacturing capability second to none which means we can easily offer bespoke solutions to both individuals and companies.

Extruded Rubber Seals at COH-Baines

Extruded rubber seals are an integral part of many vehicles, boats, aircraft, appliances, scientific equipment and food and medical equipment. You’ll find them in your car, in your fridge and even sealing your windows at home.

It’s relatively easy to find extruded rubber seals supplier if you go online. The difference we make at COH-Baines is the quality, high level of service and the competitive cost of our products that come as standard.

Not only can we provide standard seals for a huge variety of products, but we can also manufacture bespoke solutions at our state-of-the-art facility.

Our products include:

  • Rubber extrusions for classic cars and caravans.
  • Edge trim and self-grip sections.
  • Rubber buffers and grommets.
  • Rubber matting and sheeting.
  • Sponge rubber sections.

Who We Provide Rubber Seals For

We are a UK based extruded rubber seals supplier for a range of industries from car manufacture and aviation to the construction industry and marine sector. We also have products that are aimed at private individuals such as caravan owners and classic car enthusiasts.

The large number of rubber seals that we have in our catalogue are designed to meet almost any need but we are conscious that many of our customers require bespoke solutions. That’s where our unique manufacturing capability becomes so important.

We have an experienced and dedicated sales team on site who can either talk to you over the phone or visit your business to make sure you get the rubber seals that you are looking for. With no minimum or maximum order and exceptional pricing, we believe that we offer the most flexible service for extruded rubber seal supply in the UK, if not the world.

Why Choose COH-Baines as Your Extruded Rubber Seals Supplier

We are a long-standing British company with more than 80 years of high-quality manufacture and supply behind us. We are constantly looking to improve our service and our customers in the past have included some high profile names such as Honda, Rolls Royce and Lotus.

We believe we have one of the biggest selection of extruded rubber seals available, all at a highly competitive price. We can supply seals in a range of materials including EPDM, neoprene, nitrile and silicone. We can also meet high standards for specific industries where compliance is vital. This includes flame-retardant materials and those suitable for the food and medical sectors.

Contact COH-Baines Today

Over the last 80 years, COH-Baines have built a strong reputation as the leading extruded rubber seals supplier in the UK. If you are currently searching for rubber seals and need a partner you can depend on, contact our experienced sales team or browse our extensive catalogue today.


Rubber Profile Manufacturers 

COH Baines is one of the leading rubber profile manufacturers in the UK, serving a wide range of industries including automotive, marine, aerospace and research and development.

Whether you need rubber seals for your caravan or edge trim for your car, we have some 1,700 standard dies on our books as well as the capacity to deliver bespoke solutions that meet your needs exactly.

Where to find Rubber Profile Manufacturers

Products like rubber seals and edge trim play a vital role in many industries and sectors, from car manufacture to aerospace and even in the building and construction industry. There are very few products in the world that don’t have some form of rubber extrusion or seal associated with them.

If you are searching for a reliable and cost-effective solution to your rubber profile manufacturing needs, the UK has a strong history of delivery and a commitment to high-quality products. At COH Baines, we’ve been one of the top tier rubber profile manufacturers for the last 80 years.

It’s easy to access standard dies online nowadays but what if you need a bespoke solution for your needs?

It’s important if you require this kind of service that you choose a rubber profile manufacturer that has a track record of delivery and uses premium quality materials from EPDM and natural rubbers to silicone, neoprene and nitrile.

Each industry has its own requirements when ordering rubber profiles. For instance, the food industry needs quality products that meet the current legal hygiene standards. Some businesses require non-standard rubber profiles that have to be designed and made from scratch. It’s essential to work with a manufacturer that knows how to deliver, whatever type of rubber seal or edging you require, and the quality of the materials used.

Why Choose COH Baines

COH Baines has been operating for more than 80 years and is one of the leading rubber profile manufacturers in the UK today. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing centre has all the tools you need to ensure you get a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

Over the years, we’ve not only worked with businesses both big and small, but we’ve also had some pretty high-profile customers on our books including Rolls Royce, Honda and Lotus. Our expert sales team will be able to work with your business to create the rubber profile you need, manufactured on site from quality materials and delivered quickly at a competitive cost. We also have a strong standing among classic car and the racing car industry that is second to none.

If you need an existing rubber profile, we have more than 1,700 standard dies in our current catalogue and these can be produced to order as and when you need them.

Contact Our Team Today

Our professional sales team are there to make ordering your rubber profile as simple and as speedy as possible. If you are looking to partner with a leading UK rubber profile manufacturers that you can count on 100% of the time, contact our team today.

Rubber Extrusions UK 

For all your rubber extrusions, UK manufacturer Coh Baines can deliver an extensive catalogue of different products to both a local and global customer base.

We are one of the leading rubber extrusions manufacturers in the UK, and pride ourselves on the level of service we provide and the flexibility of our processes. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses over the years including in the construction, marine, automotive and aerospace industries.

Rubber extrusions are created by first taking mouldable rubber, forcing it into a certain profile like a T or L-shape and then hardening this before the final product is transported out to the customer. Manufacturing plants across the world can use thousands of feet of rubber extrusions in the form of seals and strips when they are producing cars and other products almost every day.

How to Find Rubber Extrusions UK

We deal with a wide range of different customers. Some are small businesses that require limited supplies of rubber extrusions or something more bespoke, others are large corporations that depend on a reliable supply from a manufacturing business they can trust.

The first thing to think about is whether your UK rubber extrusions company can meet the demand for your business. You’ll get a good idea of what they are capable of by the range in their catalogue. A large number of products should mean that they have the appropriate manufacturing processes in place.

Not all customers require a bespoke service, of course. If do you want a rubber extrusion creating from scratch, it requires the right tools. A good manufacturer will have CAD facilities on site that enable the creation of these tools and can respond to these kinds of demands.

The other thing to look for is the support you get when you phone up the company to talk about your order. They should have specialist sales staff who know what they are talking about and that can help you make the right decisions.

Why Choose COH Baines for Your UK Rubber Extrusions

We work with a wide variety of businesses across the globe. We’ve provided rubber extrusions for UK based businesses as well as multi-nationals and small businesses in all four corners of the globe. We aim to be flexible to our customer needs and we are constantly upgrading our services and processes to meet the modern business landscape. We’re as at home dealing with an established company as we are a burgeoning start-up.

From L, P, T and U profiles to door seals and glazing profiles, we have an extensive catalogue online that should meet the needs of most businesses. If you do require a bespoke solution, our CAD software enables us to create the right tool for the job and deliver the profile that you need.

If you are searching for a UK rubber extrusions partner, contact our expert team today to find out how we can help or simply explore our online catalogue and make your order.