If you are looking for high-quality rubber seals for your Hillman, COH Baines has a wide selection of products for the door and windshield as well as various engine seals available to buy online.

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber seals in the UK, we’re a great British-based company with a strong pedigree for rubber extrusions of all kinds.

You can now buy our seals online with a few clicks of a button. And, if you can’t find the rubber seal that you are searching for, we can manufacture a bespoke solution for you.

Hillman Rubber Seals

Rubber seals are essential components in all cars and vans, especially off-road vehicles like Hillmans. Seals help protect the vehicle's interior from dust, dirt, water, and other elements that can cause damage over time. We manufacture and supply a wide range of different rubber seals for Hillmans, including:

  • Door Seals: These seals are located at the edge of the vehicle's doors and windows and are designed to create an airtight seal. COH Baines seals are made from high-quality, resistant rubber that can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough off-road terrain.
  • Windshield Seals: These rubber seals for your Hillman are located around the edges of the windshield. Once this type of seal starts to degrade and becomes brittle, it can make driving an unpleasant experience. It’s important to replace these seals if you notice any damage. Failure to do so can lead to problems with dampness and water getting into areas like electrics and furnishings.
  • Hood and Body Seals: These are located at the edge of the vehicle's bonnet and other parts of the car body and again provide a fully sealed location that prevents weather damage. It’s a good idea to check less prominent areas like hood seals regularly to make sure they are intact, especially on older or classic Hillmans. Hood and body seals for Hillmans are usually more prone to damage than other vehicles because they are so often used off-road and in other challenging conditions.
  • Engine Seals: These seals are located in and around the edges of the engine and are designed to prevent oil and other fluids from leaking out. Hillman owners often don’t pay that much attention to these kinds of seals but damage can cause significant issues with the engine and surrounding infrastructure.

Why Buy Your Hillman Rubber Seals from COH Baines

You can buy rubber seals online from a wide range of suppliers nowadays but you are not always guaranteed great quality. COH Baines is a family-owned business with a track record that spans more than 80 years. We’ve got thousands of standard dies in our catalogue including the full range of Hillmans from new models to classics. We use high-grade rubber materials for our supplies and have manufacturing capability on-site if you need a tailored option.

As one of the leading suppliers of Hillman rubber seals in the UK today, it pays to partner with the team at COH Baines. Want to find out more? Browse our selection of seals today.