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Product Code: ESJ104B/L

High quality aftermarket reproduction part

ESJ104B/L –  (BD14937) Fitting Notes

For a perfect flat fit of the rubber that will enable the chrome to be fitted nicely, the rubber has to insert into a perfectly symmetrical and uniform gap to the body.

To check this, trial fit the glass without the screen rubber and file the flange down as necessary. If the gap between body and glass is erratic, the seal may ripple and you will not be able to fit a flat chrome into it.

There is a known issue with rebuilt Fixed Head Coupes, that has come to light where the whole rear end or Tonneau panel below the window has been replaced. (Thanks to James Sidwell, XK Panel Specialist for the information) 

The roof panel is a sprung pressing and needs to be set up with a screen temporarily in place to set the pre-load in the panel around the window surround, before welding it onto a new tonneau panel. The original roof panel was originally attached in tension when fitted. Failure to include this preload may result in the roof panel having to be reset later on when you are fitting the window after painting. This is the point where offering up the window to the panel (less seal) will show up this problem and the rear window seal and chrome will never fit correctly to the wrongly positioned roof as they will not have matching profiles.

OEM Part Number BD14937
Vehicle Part Category Windscreen Surrounds
Material EPDM
Colour Black
Max Continuous Length
Weight 0.75 kg

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