Best Road Trips UK Edition (North Coast 500)

North Coast 500 🚗

What is stopping you from packing up the car and getting on the road? Planning? We've got you covered!


One of our team has set off this weekend to tackle the North Coast 500 and boy we are jealous. But it got me thinking... the hardest part about any road trip is the planning, so why don't we make it easy for you.


We want to start a new series on 'Best Road Trips to take in UK' and it only makes sense to start with one of the best!


My favourite part about this trip is that Scotland supports wild camping which means you can literally set up camp anywhere you want, completely FREE. This is perfect if you're on a budget as all you need to pay for is fuel for your vehicle and the food you eat 👍


Please make sure to respect the land by clearing up your litter. The only other things they ask of you is to not set an open fire but more recommend taking a small stove to cook for safety.


If you're ever unsure if you can set up camp, the Scottish locals are so friendly so you can always ask the landowner - they may even suggest a better camping spot!


But no matter what, the North Coast 500 is not to be missed and I can almost guarantee you will not regret it...


Have you ever taken on the challenge of the #northcoast500 and what was your favourite stop?


Check out the link below to take you over to the northcoast500 website for the full route and top tips #mync500adventure

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