Herzim Strip for Caravans

If you’re a caravan owner or a business that hires them out to the public,  maintaining your vehicle is critical. Any damage to areas like the seals can have an impact on the underlying structure, causing rust and electrical issues if not repaired.

One of the most common parts of a caravan infrastructure is the Herzim strip. The good news is that removing these and adding new ones is a relatively simple task that anyone with a modicum of DIY knowledge and the right tools can successfully do.

What is a Herzim Strip for Caravans?

In areas like doors and windows which are made of aluminium and other metals, you need to have a decent seal. This is carried out in most caravans by a Herzim strip which is essentially a thin rubber seal that fits into the channel between the door or window and the frame. It’s designed to give a tight seal that keeps out the rain and wind and makes your mobile home comfortable at any time.

Reasons to Replace Herzim Strips for Caravans

If you have a new caravan, you don’t have much to worry about this too much – in most your Herzim strip will last for a good few years before it needs to be replaced. It is worth, however, regularly inspecting your rubber seals to make sure they are working properly and are in good condition. There are a few reasons you might finally think they need replacing:

  • Damaged Herzim strips: Over time, door and window seals can begin to degrade through natural wear and tear. They can get damaged or split. They can also harden over time which means they crack and don’t provide a suitable seal. If you’re finding water leaking through doors or windows or you can feel the breeze when they are shut, it usually means that the Herzim strip is compromised.
  • Improve the look of your caravan: Your seal might be working perfectly but it looks a little unsightly, either because it’s become discoloured or doesn’t fit properly.
  • Improving the seal: While the seal is still fit for purpose, replacing the Herzim strip might give you even more protection and a comfortable interior.

Is It Easy to Replace a Herzim Strip?

This isn’t a difficult job and there are plenty of videos on the subject on sites like YouTube. All you need to do is remove the existing Herzim strip in your caravan and replace it. The work should take about 30 minutes at most.

Why Choose COH Bains for Herzim Strips?

COH Bains is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality rubber extrusions in the UK. We have thousands of standard dies for a variety of applications including Herzim strips for caravans. If you don’t see the right strip for your particular make of caravan we can manufacture a bespoke solution at our state-of-the-art facility, with a fast lead-in time and competitive pricing.

Find Herzim Strip for Caravans

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