Ford Rubber Accessories

Ford remains one of the most iconic car manufacturers of the last 100 years and vehicles such as the Escort and Fiesta are still seen in large numbers on the road today.

If you are looking for Ford rubber accessories, then the good news is that COH Baines has a wide range of different products available online.

Types of Ford Rubber Accessories

Whether you’re a Ford owner yourself or you regularly work with Ford cars, having the right supply of rubber accessories is important. These components often need to be replaced on older cars because they have degraded over time. Some of the Ford rubber accessories we currently have in stock include:

  • Pillar Seals: These are normally found where the rear quarter window meets the door and the lock pillar and damage to this area can have numerous consequences, including letting in dampness and raising the noise level as you drive.
  • Side Door Moulds: Door mouldings not only have a decorative purpose on the Ford but act as protection, preventing damage from unwanted impacts when you open your doors.
  • Grommets: These come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the most common Ford rubber accessories. They fit into holes and provide a smooth, protected seal to help protect things like electrical wiring.
  • Window, Door and Light Seals: One of the most common reasons that people need our services is to replace old or damaged seals around areas like the windows and doors. Over time, seals harden and crack and that can mean opening your car to the elements, increasing the potential for damage to the interior.
  • Bumper Trims: Again, these are vital for protecting your car and can easily become damaged during a collision. Making sure you have the right specs when replacing trim is critical and that means buying from a reputable manufacturer who knows what they are doing.

Why Buy from COH Baines

Based in Tunbridge Wells, COH Baines is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality rubber extrusions of all types in the UK. Over the years, we’ve worked with many well-known automotive manufacturers including Ford but also provide our services to both individuals and smaller businesses such as garages.

If you want a one-stop-shop for all your Ford rubber accessories, COH Baines has all the standard dies for makes such as Escort and Fiesta in our current catalogue. We can also create bespoke solutions for your vehicle if you should need them. All you need to do is work with our expert sales team so that they understand your specifications and what you are trying to achieve. With short lead-in times and fast delivery, we’ll help find the solution that you are searching for.

All our products are made from high-quality rubber and can be purchased in any quantity at a competitive price.

Find Ford Rubber Accessories Today

The good news is that you can quickly purchase a wide range of Ford rubber accessories today from our secure online catalogue. Simply find the product you are looking for, decide on the quantity and head to the checkout.


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