Rubber Matting Supplier

Rubber matting is found across a wide range of sectors in the UK where it is used to provide protective surfaces that improve comfort and safety. It’s also utilised in the production of items such as gaskets and strips for a variety of manufactured goods.

COH Baines is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber extrusions in the UK today and has several decades of experience working with a wide variety of industries including the automotive, aviation, marine and hospitality sectors.

If you are searching for a reliable rubber matting supplier that delivers across the UK and around the world, our specialist sales team are here to help.

Types of Rubber Matting

With our onsite manufacturing capability, we have the potential to produce any kind of matting that your business requires.

Materials used include natural rubber and SBR rubber which is abrasion resistant and has fantastic durability. SBR rubber is probably the most widely used synthetic rubber in the world today and is found in many industrial and manufacturing complexes. We are also act as a flat and wide ribbed rubber matting supplier with maximum lengths up to 10 metres.

Why Choose COH Baines as Your Rubber Matting Supplier

COH Baines is a family-owned business with some 80 years of manufacturing and supply experience behind us. We are one of the leading companies for rubber extrusions in the UK. Based in Tunbridge Wells, over the years we’ve worked with a wide range of sectors from coach companies and shipbuilders to engineering and aviation outlets.

The key to our success is the quality of products we have on offer. If you are searching for a rubber matting supplier that can deliver high-end products at an exceptional price, we believe our company ticks all the right boxes.

Many of our customers, of course, are not just looking for a reputable rubber matting supplier to meet their needs. They may require a whole host of different rubber extrusions in the daily running of their business, everything from strips and seals to gaskets and tubing. The good news is that we have thousands of different dies on our books, both standard and bespoke.

In addition to this, one of the unique things about COH Baines is that we have our own state of the art manufacturing systems on-site. That means we can also produce bespoke solutions for our customers with very short lead-in times. If you’re looking for a non-standard die to meet the needs of your business, our expert team knows practically all there is to know about rubber extrusions of all types.

Fast Delivery at a Great Cost

When you are looking for the right rubber matting supplier, you must get a high-grade service along with a great quality product that is designed to last. We pride ourselves in not only being competitive on pricing for all businesses but we ensure that we provide fast delivery.

You can now view all our products, including rubber matting, online and purchase them in just a few minutes.

Want to find out more? Check out our listings for rubber matting today.


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